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5 voorwaarden voor succesvolle verandering

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IT projects with significant organizational impact require a change management plan.

Within Heading Management we believe that project or programme activities need to be integrated with change management activities to contribute significantly to success and minimising any negative impact on business performance.

What we’ve learned from successful change implementations within IT projects is that there are at least five preconditions for a change to run as smoothly as possible. Skipping one or more of these preconditions gives you the false impression that you’re making a lot of progress but never gives the desired result.

#1 Vision, create a picture of the future

Without a clear vision, a transformation attempt can result into a list of confusing and conflicting projects that can take the organization in the wrong direction or nowhere at all.

#2 Urgency, display a great enough sense of urgency

How high should the urgency rate be? I think when about 80% of a company’s management is genuinely convinced that business-as-usual is completely unacceptable. Anything else can cause very serious resistance later in the process.

#3 Plan, planning for and creating short-term wins

When people understand that major changes will take a long time, the sense of urgency can decrease. Planning to achieve short-term victories avoids chaos and keeps urgency high.

#4 Resources, create a feasible resource plan

It’s frustrating when you know exactly what to do and why it’s important to change but you don’t have the right or right amount of resources. You can prevent this frustration by preparing a complete resource schedule within the organization.

#5 Competencies, set a plan to help each person gain the necessary competencies

Examine what knowledge and skills your team will need, during and following the change. Spend time with everyone individually and encourage them to identify their own development needs. Otherwise people can get worried if they won’t be able to do what you’re asking.

Personally, I am convinced that there is no easy way to implement organizational change. But good preparation will help in any case.